Edwin Harpel

The Runic Wizard


Sharp Eyes, underneath a Pointed Hat. Stylish Robes, to cover his Skinny Body.

A magical, charismatic young man with a pointed hat that none of his comrades has ever seen underneath. A young man of noble origin, whose parents pushed him hard in school to a point where he could hardly handle it. He searched for ways out, ways to escape as he was never enough for his family. He found his escape in magic. After finding an ancient book in his grandfather’s basement, along with many alchemical preparations and other books, Edwin learned the ancient runic language of Ancolern, much to his parent’s dismay. Having been partially cast out by his parents, with the blessing of his grandfather, Edwin struck out into the world looking for gold, glory, and adventure. Edwin is an altruistic young man, very good at heart. He is relatively innocent as well, but it seems as though on the inside he knows how corrupt the world truly is, but he presses on, refusing to believe it and looking for the best in people. He is very likable, and is very good with people.

Edwin Harpel

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