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Bye Jhonen...

The Gang goes Criminal

We pick up where we left off, with our wonderful band of banditos camping out in a clearing in the forests between Lurien and Thoren. Edwin took watch first, keeping the group perfectly safe from all the scary dragons and monsters. Then, when he switched with the Reverend Kidron, everything went to shit. Wonder why?

The Rev. was on watch, undutifully falling asleep at his post until he was awoken (along with everyone else) by the screaming of a guard being dragged off into the woods, and the subsequent crunching of his bones. Another throng of sound came from the opposite direction, with the clashing of swords and growling of some sort. Suddenly the Rev. was overtaken by a set of glowing red eyes, as he realized a huge wolf stared him in the face, and pounced. A voice rang out over the clearing,
“Well, that’s just no good.”
Uther, attentively up and swinging immediately, tried to aid his lazy friend. As did Edwin, who attempted to pick up a branch from the fire and wave it at the wolves. He did, however, manage to trip himself and accidentally hurl the flaming stick at his newfound comrade. It hit his leg where the wolf had bitten immediately cauterizing the wound. What a lucky guy the Rev. is to have such helpful friends!

The fight that ensued saw Uther trying to put the moves on Edwin, who had noticed Uther’s shy interest from the beginning but had to maturely tell him to put it on hold for now. It also saw the good Rev. nearly getting mauled to certain death by wolves. Once the fight had ended, Edwin approached Jhonen about their payment. Upon hearing that Jhonen did not intend to pay them, Edwin picked up a hot coal and threatened to throw it into what was left of his supplies. Jhonen didn’t believe him. Jhonen was right.

However, Edwin had a brilliant plan: to cast a spell of charm person on Jhonen! Certainly that would restore them to his favor and they could get paid $$$$. Well, upon attempting this, Edwin failed to properly cast the spell, having accidentally mixed up the words ‘charm’ and ‘alarm’ in his book. This rightly woke Jhonen from his slumber, who awoke to see two yellow glowing eyes staring down at him, drawing things on his face. He did not like this. He had his Barbarian pet, Utuk, attack our wonderful merry men, starting with a sharp blow to Edwin’s chest. What a dick! WELL, they didn’t take kindly to that. As Jhonen rode off into the sunset (rise?) with the pathetic remains of his cargo, Edwin cast a deadly spell of magic missiles and set the entire caravan aflame, which flipped and killed Jhonen. Yay!

The party then concerned themselves now with Utuk. As he char,ed straight for the Rev., Edwin bravely shot some more magic missiles at the Barbaric Bastard, which truly got his attention. As Utuk changed his course to charge at Edwin, the Rev. shot him in the back with his lovely gun, the True Son. This put a healthy hole in the back of the Barbaric Bimbo, but he still charged. At this point, Edwin used his sharp thinking and intuition, and without even a flinch, he turned, and roared out in laughter,
He swung his staff and smacked a nice hot coal into the face of Utuk, who was then tripped by Uther chasing him. He slammed into the ground, and was met with a swiftly wound up kick in the face by Edwin. Uther then took it just a STEP too far and decided to go ahead and smash the man’s spine. Bit overkill, but it got the job done.

Deciding that this was their lives now, the group looted the bodies of the now deceased (may they rest in piece[s]). All they found was a contract on Jhonen’s (burnt) body outlining the deal to be made with the merchants in Thoren. Uther subsequently threw this in the fire. The group then struck out into the forest based on some prior knowledge of Edwin’s that there was an abandoned cabin nearby. The group holed up there, safe from the elements, and rested,


GhostDM Lwalker

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