Dungeon World

How does everything begin?

Character/World creation and quick first session

The Group’s First Test…

The Party:
Edwin Harpel (Runic Wizard)
Ferruptus Drarus (Cleric)
Uther Morradin (Fighter)

Our group was hired by one Jhonen, a merchant delivering supplies. Jhonen wanted to export supplies (coal in this case) from Lurien and decided to hire adventurers to guard the three wagon caravan. The group managed to convince Jhonen of how good they were, each in their own unique manner: Edwin displayed his rune magic, Ferruptus convinced him that they needed a healer and Uther was hired for his reputation.


The caravan headed to Thoren (first stop), but was attacked by a group of barbarians in the middle of the trip. The group sprang into action, dodging arrows and using magic to take down their enemies. Edwin used smart tactics to confuse the archers while Uther and Ferruptus went on the offensive to strike directly at his enemies. After a few bad choices, a couple of caravans guards got killed and some of the supply crates were destroyed.

Jhonen saw the destruction to his supplies and decided to cut the pay to the group in half. The party tried to reason with the merchant, but all to no avail. The merchant wasn’t convinced by the group’s different explanations. They decided to drop the matter and continue with the trip. Later in the day, when dusk hit the sky, they decided to make camp in a clearing on the side of the road. Edwin created an Alarm spell around the camp which hopefully works, and Ferruptus set out to the wounded.

Will the party come out of this unscathed? Will they make it to the next town without the rest of the supplies being destroyed? Tune in next time on…


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